About The Business Leader

Businesses are facing many challenges as they come to terms with the digital age in which they now operate. Technology is being used to enable new products and services, and transform business models across all markets. New entrants are using technology to disrupt established markets leaving the more established companies playing catch-up.

Customers are becoming more demanding; they want and expect more for their money. And they too are using technology, and in particular mobile and social media, to interact with brands and fellow customers, research and compare offerings, and obtain the best price.

Companies that successfully manage their transformation to a digital business will thrive in this new age. This transformation starts with a strong vision and well-defined strategy that identifies how technology will be used to drive transformation across the organisation, create differentiation and engage with its customers.

Becoming a digital business also needs strong leadership and an executive team that understands technology and the impact it can have on their organisation, how it works and what it sells. These executives will also need to collaborate on digital initiatives which often cross traditional functional boundaries.

The Business Leader site provides thought leadership for executives in creating a vision and strategy for the digital age and leading the technology-enabled transformation of their organisations.


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