Uncovering the real story of digital

Over the last few years, the people running traditional organisations have been bombarded with headlines telling them that they need to become a digital business, or that they need to undertake a digital transformation of their company to avoid being disrupted by the technology-enabled start-ups that are reinventing business models, products and services. But what […]

Are you really transforming for digital?

In a previous post, Any business can be a digital business, I discussed how a launderette had added digital services to its core product to enhance the customer experience and how this innovation could be extended to reward regular customers and provide other (online) services. The main point of the post was to demonstrate how […]

Does your company have a digital culture?

Much of the discussion about being a digital business centres on technology. In Boards need to get up to speed with digital I talked about the need for executives to understand what technology can do; what customers want and expect from their digital interactions with organisations; how employees and customers are using technology and how […]

Trust your staff to be social

You can tell a lot about the culture of an organisation by its attitude towards staff and social media. At a recent meeting I was told about a large UK-based services company whose COO had insisted on personally approving every tweet before it was sent. As well as showing a lack of trust for the […]

Some employers trust their staff…on special occasions

Some UK employers, including the Government are telling their staff that they can work from home during the Olympics and Paralympics to prevent London’s transport network from becoming even more overcrowded. Transport for London (TfL) has set a goal of reducing the number of commuter journeys across the capital by a third during the games […]