A dual strategy for digital

In my previous article I discussed the Digital Truths, a set of principles that illustrate why markets work differently in the digital world and why, as a result, the way we do business is changing. The Digital Truths also help to explain why companies need new capabilities in order to compete in this new type […]

The seven digital truths

Digital represents a new style of business. Technology is changing the way customers behave and what they expect from a product or service. And it is also enabling organisations to meet these expectations in different ways and to meet new needs with innovative technology-enabled business models, products and services. And with this new style of […]

Uncovering the real story of digital

Over the last few years, the people running traditional organisations have been bombarded with headlines telling them that they need to become a digital business, or that they need to undertake a digital transformation of their company to avoid being disrupted by the technology-enabled start-ups that are reinventing business models, products and services. But what […]

Is it time to change how we classify companies?

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, hit the headlines recently with his response to a question from a student at Rome’s Luiss university. When asked whether his company was planning to become a media organisation Zuckerberg explained that Facebook was “a technology company, we build the tools, we do not produce any content. The world needs news […]

Addressing the board’s digital skills gap

In two previous articles I have discussed whether Boards are one of the main obstacles to an organisation embracing digital. Whilst there are some good examples of CEOs that truly understand digital and who are leading their company’s digital efforts, there is plenty of evidence that would seem to indicate that many executives are struggling […]