So you think digital doesn’t apply to your business?

I recently had a conversation with an executive from the food and drink industry about the impact that digital would have on their business. The executive was fairly certain that digital would only have a limited impact as technology could not replace the core product or how it was consumed in the same way as, […]

Digital: opportunity or threat?

The answer is both according to the recently published results of PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey. The survey, which covered 1,322 CEOs from 77 countries, reveals the challenges and dilemmas facing CEOs as they try to lead their organisations through the digital revolution. It also gives some insights into what CEOs are doing to ensure […]

There are no shortcuts in digital

A CEO asked me recently whether I could explain what digital was in a single sentence. I replied that explaining digital is something that usually takes an hour when I am giving a board briefing session on the subject but that I’d see what I could do! After about five minutes of explanation and with […]

Seven steps to becoming a digital leader

Over the last couple of years there has been plenty of research into what makes a good digital business published. These studies typically classify the companies they cover into groups such as digital leaders or masters at one end of the scale and digital laggards or beginners at the other. Classifying the participants in this […]

Are you digital washing?

During the 1990s companies rushed to put the letter ‘e’ in front of their products and services to be part of the eBusiness/eCommerce trend that was sweeping through just about every industry. This did not necessarily mean their offerings were truly Internet enabled or even online but it at least made them appear that way. […]