Digital, death and taxes

Harvey Nash recently published the results of its annual CIO survey. This year’s study covered 3,691 IT leaders from more than 30 countries. One of the findings being reported is that 10% of respondents do not think that their business will be affected by digital disruption in the next few years. The flip side to […]

Customer needs drive digital offering

In a previous article, So you think digital doesn’t apply to your business?, I discussed how sectors based on consumable products are very unlikely to be disrupted by alternative offerings that are enabled by technology. However, such industries could be disrupted by technology-enabled add-on products and services that offer customers more rewarding and engaging experiences. […]

Disruption: are you starting in the right place?

Everybody it seems is talking about disruption. And given what companies such as Uber and AirBnb have done to the taxi and hotel industries, or what Netflix did to the home entertainment market, it is not surprising. These industries together with sectors such as media and travel agents have already been disrupted whilst others are […]