Addressing the board’s digital skills gap

In two previous articles I have discussed whether Boards are one of the main obstacles to an organisation embracing digital. Whilst there are some good examples of CEOs that truly understand digital and who are leading their company’s digital efforts, there is plenty of evidence that would seem to indicate that many executives are struggling […]

Are boards the biggest barrier to going digital?

Most UK CEOs and boards have no understanding of what customers want according to research published recently by The Institute of Customer Service. The report entitled Leading by example also reveals that many boards ignore the views of customer facing staff and do not set a good example when it comes to exhibiting the skills […]

Boards ignoring digital are guilty of negligence

The average life of a company is falling. Data from the US shows that in 1960 large businesses could expect to be around for an average of 60 years but by 2012 this had fallen to just 15 years. Technology has played a large part in the falling life expectancy of organisations; it removes barriers […]

Digital maturity starts at the top

According to a recent survey 71% of businesses except to reach digital maturity by 2019. The research conducted by Coleman Parkes and sponsored by Ricoh Europe also found that digital maturity was a priority for 77% of businesses in Europe and the Middle East and that 73% believe that achieving digital maturity will directly lead […]

Time for change at board level

A recent survey by McKinsey found that boards are lagging behind the rest of the organisation when it comes to supporting digital initiatives. Whilst 69% of CIOs, 61% of CEOs and 61% of CMOs were said to be either supportive and sponsoring digital initiatives or supportive and directly engaged in digital initiatives, the figure for […]