CEO: can your IT platform cope with digital?

CEOs recognise the importance of technology in growing their business in the digital age. As a result IT has climbed the list of CEO priorities in recent years and more CEOs are taking a personal interest in how their organisations are using technology. And there is no shortage of advice for them about which technologies […]

CEO: is your IT function fit for digital?

Businesses now operate in a digital age; an age where disruptive technologies such as social, mobile, cloud and analytics, are transforming the use of technology within the enterprise, reinventing how data and systems are provisioned, accessed and managed. And they are moving technology centre stage, to the forefront of the customer experience and interaction, driving […]

CEO: do you have the right CIO for digital?

Digital will impact every industry and every company. And it is happening now. A recent Forrester survey revealed that 93% of business executives expect their organisation will be digitally disrupted in the next 12 months. There is no shortcut to becoming a digital business. Organisations need a clear vision and strong leadership to succeed in […]