Digital: are you the one in four?

There is certainly no shortage of research, studies and predictions about digital at the moment; it seems that almost every day a new report about digital trends, priorities or technologies is published. Of course many of these have a particular angle or perspective that aligns with whatever consultancy/vendor/research firm has commissioned or sponsored the study. […]

Addressing the board’s digital skills gap

In two previous articles I have discussed whether Boards are one of the main obstacles to an organisation embracing digital. Whilst there are some good examples of CEOs that truly understand digital and who are leading their company’s digital efforts, there is plenty of evidence that would seem to indicate that many executives are struggling […]

Can you be a digital follower?

Digital is inevitable. Regardless of where you are in the world, what industry you are in and what type business you are, you will be impacted by digital at some point in the future. And it would seem that the majority of business executives are aware of this fact. Take for example the following findings […]

Digitally aware but not digitally capable

This seems to be one of the key messages from a recent study performed by Vanson Bourne and the Institute for the Future on behalf of EMC, a leading provider of technology products and services. The study, which covered 3,600 executives from 18 countries and representing a broad range of industries including financial services, retail, […]

Customer needs drive digital offering

In a previous article, So you think digital doesn’t apply to your business?, I discussed how sectors based on consumable products are very unlikely to be disrupted by alternative offerings that are enabled by technology. However, such industries could be disrupted by technology-enabled add-on products and services that offer customers more rewarding and engaging experiences. […]